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Markus Helenius "Edizon" Info & Social
🎵Pro Producer from Finland
🏆JLSC Winner Certificate
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🏆Orivesi Culture Award Winner 2023
🏆HXA Remix Competition 2nd place 2024
🏆PB of 340 projects in one year
🏆WR Unreal Gold Speedrun
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"I get endless amount of testimonials saying that I should of deserved more already. I don't know what they even mean by that. I'm already blessed, healthy and happy. I couldn't ask for more. -Edizon"

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Edizon - Make Him Say

Make Him Say is super experimental track I made few years back and it's released trough Behaviour Recordings label. It has guitar, some deep house and electro house influence. I used some really old vocals from one of my artist friend who want to stay unnamed. I hope you enjoy the greatness and simplicity of this track. I think drop in itself is quite great. Btw fun fact: Track landed me artist of the week title from Steve Marks!

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If you want, you can just mail to me Edizonstudio@gmail.com. Or go to my Youtube channel Edizonstudio Go to my channel!  to comment my videos.

Post added: February 02.2023 at 04:55PM

Edizon - HXA Remix Competition 2nd place Winner

Again we starting year strong by being top 2nd in the HXA remix competition. Top three were all in 5% in points. So really happy for another great result. Maybe if I gave it 3 hours more I would of won but I guess I was little tired. Anyhow a great result and a great prize!

Collaboration with legendary John Covert

I also finalized the production collaboration with legendary John Covert (BMI). Hope him alot of luck with the Hollywood movies, ads and games licensing pitching! Project was super fun time but consumed me alot. Certainly hope we achieve something great again with the track. This was also the main sad reason why I had to take KMC album down from all stores. We worked on one of the albums tracks for the licensing so I do not want to run in to any form of copyright issues since we have a contract for the track. If you want to know we just basically changed lyrics, re-recorded it and made it a tad bigger to captivate the listener.

Gig in YO-Talo Was a blast

I started really strong and people were chanting. Fast forward to the final voting there was people yelling loud and they want "EDIZON TROUGH!" to the next round. Sadly I didn't get enough votes. But when I counted mathematically I got most votes per member count. Since I'm alone it might be more easy to achieve but in that sense it was a landslide to my direction. So a mental victory we can savely say.

"Thx for reading and stay tuned!"

Post added: November 02.2023 at 00:19AM

Markus Edizon Helenius the new Culture Award Winner 2023

This is a crazy year for me I have to say. It's been achievement after achievement. I feel like I really "made it" in many ways this year. Now it's just matter of enjoying the crops of my craft. I truely just needed to be brave and work hard towards it believing in it blindly and bravely. The money is good I have to say and just a bonus. It's just a byproduct of being productive. I many ways believe I was never in it for the money, but hard work will pay. It's like more you just focus on giving, the more you will get.

I lived trough the make it or break it phase, that noone believed in but me and came out as a fucking legend. Now everything I touch turns to gold.

Jeff Bezos said: "A calling gives you purpose and makes you unstoppable."

The craziest thing is that I never went to school for this. I just had a passion. I followed my heart and my ears. I just say if you have a calling you are up to something. Just stay healthy on the process. For me that's where I've struggled with. Maybe there was nobody to balance me up because I was just working alone like a mad man 7 days a week. But this is where we get with hard work. You can also do it. Please get inspired. This is what is my purpose. To inspire you.

I want to end the year...

...By of course saying merry christmas, my favourite time of the year to everybody!!! 🎅

"Take Care!"

Post added: November 02.2023 at 00:19AM

Kansai Music Conference was a Huge success

I'm really struggling here when writing this because there would be book full of stories from my beautiful trip to Japan. But I promise to keep it really short. Afterall you will find most of the stories from my social medias. @Edizonstudio

I had 3 gigs in KMC

Oct 7: Osaka, Museum of History, 4th fl. @ 2:45PM (Local)
Oct 8: flatfive Kobe @ 9PM (Local)
Oct 8: Alchemy Kobe @ 11PM (Local) untill want to quit (Final performer)

All the gigs went well. I was even surprised how easy and natural playing live with DJ Controller felt. Just want to point out here it was my first DJ Style gig and yeah 13 000km from my home town. It was so easy. I already feel like a total pro.

I released KMC album as a final chapter for my tour in Japan just to seal the deal. It includes new tracks wich were never released and I played on the tour.

You can watch the whole trip on my YouTube Channel:

Edizon's YouTube

Take Care!

Post added: September 05.2023 at 05:05PM

1 month to go before Japan

I'll be having 2 gigs in Kansai Music Conference. 

GIG 1: Oct 7:  PLACE: Osaka, Museum of History, 4th fl. TIME: Open 12:00 / Start 12:30.

There I'll be mostly performing as a DJ of an artist Neodym. I also have opportunity to perform 2 of my own tracks there. We did a collaboration Edizon - Secret Mission (feat Neodym) earlier this year. It's been getting solid 5 star reviews from club DJ's so that'll be playlisted for sure. I will also trying add in 1 of my own tracks if there is enough time. "It's been decided". I mean it's been scheduled and agreed upon that I can perform one or 2 tracks from my own catalog. 

GIG 2:  Oct. 8: Music Festival in Kobe Live performances will be held at several venues in Kobe throughout the day. (Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Kobe Jazz, the city will be active with music fans out and about, and KMC Artists will be part of the entertainment as well.) 

My performance will be held in Alchemy Kobe. No idea of clock times at this point. I will update this when I know better. Here is few old pictures from the place.

 Kansai Music Conference Official Page

I bought new controller for the gig

This is actually first gig I've ever done with DJ Gear (I've done like 100 band gigs yes. So there is experience). And first gig I will be performing completely alone. Lol. Funny thing is that I feel more excited than ever. And it's this good winners excitment. I just feel to be like god and nothing can go wrong. It's just gonna be good.

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

I will just add here that investments have been coming in lately. I'm playing on radios and papers, magazines and all of it are writing about me. I think it's scaling. I just think. It's really hard to explain everything here. But just to give you a small glimpse of it I just say there have been days I got like 100 contacts in my email in one day. And it's been overwhelming at times. Positive problem I guess.

Glacer FM top #1 Internet Radio.

Some of the Magazines that wrote reviews of my track Rotten Lemons:
Sistra Magazine
Plastic Magazine
Illustrate Magazine
Iggy Magazine


Maybe you interested so I write some of the expenses: Flying tickets to Japan were 1 month early like 1400e. Hotel for 3 days like ~160e. I think I will have to use like 100e for taxi and some for food. It's rather expensive trip. But I see it only positively. I just need to sell more mercendise to make ends meet haha... Controller is about 300e brand new. And some of the magazines took some comission for the review writing... 

Life's an adventure and about time I break the ice with gigs outside of the comfort of my own country. Afterall people (my brother Jarkko lol) have been telling that Japan is really untouched and beautiful country with pure culture. They even say it's the best place you could travel this day. I really hope this is what I see there also. I can't wait. I'm also so happy that I feel so healthy and well now. So much graditude over this. It's gonna be perfect! I'm glad that all of the toxicity is out of my life and I surround myself only with positivity and people with good intentions.

Take Care!

Post added: August 03.2023 at 11:55PM

There seems not to be an end to my success story

I am really happy that my hard daily work and efforts are truely building these achievements. I again have something beautiful to put on my wall and what to be proud of. See the image.

Basically with Eewa we made it 5 star rating out of 5 stars in UK Songwriting contest.

Here is the track for those who didn't hear it.

Maybe people don't have energy or time for my emotions but...

I just feel like people still love stories so I try to tell my quick version of it. I met a girl who I thought I really liked.

Long story short she kinda broke my heart and I ended up in a hospital. The case just messed with my emotions, with my mental wellbeing. Atleast we had some great time together. Only thing what I regret is that it was pretty good friendship and it kinda got ruined. Rule is never to be scared of love in life. Love needs to be given it all then and only then you can get it all.

"As a humanbeing you need to be able to break your heart." -Edizon --> BUT DON'T PUT YOURSELF IN TO THIS POSITION WHEN YOU ARE NOT READY YET! ---> READ FORWARD TO KNOW MORE!!!

The grief as a source of energy really inspired me to write music daily wich also helped me to get trough these emotional phases. Afterall whatever we say feromones are like drugs in human body. It's withdrawal symptoms you are up against. That energy just needs to be handled with calm energy and breathe trough it. Come read this again if you end up in similar situation in your life. If you patiently just wait, pain will just vanish and something better will take it's place. I promise.

I made a new Soundcloud account. I feel like in 10 days span I composed and roughly mixed like 8 indivitual tracks about the topic and living 100% trough those feelings.
Inspirational way to put this is this: God sent this woman to express me that: "man you really don't have built enough value yet." We high value guys are the ones who will throw a woman away. They will have no reason to break our hearts if we are valued high enough. Remember no girl is special. She's just a chick with asshole and goes to poop XD... haha I promise this thoughtprocess helps you. So forget it and build on top of it. And best positive "revenge" allways is a huge success. She will then allways think. This is the train I missed.

Rotten Lemons is only official release for now. But here is the Soundcloud Link for the rest of the crops this energy made happen:
Edizon on Soundcloud

I also went to International Songwriting Contest with the track "I Need You Now" and I will perform it on a gig in Osaka Japan this autumn. So there is alot going on and great reasons to get back on track and stay there.

Thank you
Your gladiator, Edizon

Post added: May 22.2023 at 00:39AM

I got super inspired by Käärijä

Firstly I need to be completely honest. I didn't like Käärijä at first. But then after hearing the track Cha Cha Cha and seeing him perform and seeing him in interviews I fell in love. I actually heard the track for the first time the day before Eurovision finals. He proved he's an alpha and a real humble guy! Lots of respect! To me Eurovision 2023 was a win for Finland. The most important "people" loved the song the most. So that been said.

I loved the track so much I tried to make something "big" after hearing and looping it countless times. This track "Sisupoika" was the result of it. I don't think it compares but I will give the inspiring credits to their team. I hoped I could meet up with Käärijä's producer for a coffee. Maybe some day. I also added a "metal style" guitar track to this track to build it to more heavier style. It wasn't so similar afterall since I wanted to make something new and original.. Basicallally I composed a nice piano and build around it. I will do a commentary about the production and things I learned to YouTube.. I think it's valuable information for other producers atleast. I think I make it in english too because it's then allways for more broader audience.

With the overall production I took a freedom to take a little safer route and sticked with more "Avicii-style" or "Alan Walker-style" beat. Combining different styles and most importantly having fun with it. Main objective was to combine new ideas and build a chanting song for Team Finland IIHF Hockey World Championship 2023. This is what I came up with. Here are all of the links I provide you so you can go enjoy the track! Hope you enjoy!




Post added: March 25.2023 at 00:33AM

Signed with Wowland Records

New year started pretty strong. At the end of last year I started working with great new singers. Including artist called Neodym. She's a great singer originally from Poland. We made pretty experimental track wich is coming out soon trough label called Wowland Records. Atleast a free marketing campain's going to be set in it's place. I think the value is somewhere in between 100e to 500e range. So kinda minor(label) thing but fun and easy. I'm allways glad that my work is valued so the money just moves.

Original music of Neodym.

Another release with a managing director of Terassi Media Oy

Second really important release wich we just rushed out within 3 day deadline was collaboration with managing director of Terassi Megia Oy Eeva Ek who's working with the artist name EEWA. Song title is Start It Over. Very dancy and groovy Pop/EDM-styled "bassy and bouncy" dance track. Very happy with the end result! Please enjoy the track, NOW! =D

Go to my spotify to hear these collaborations!


Post added: September 30.2022 at 11:48AM

I'm Back With a New Site and New Meaning

Site has been updated for my new needs with a new web page address. I wanted to use my old template so you can still find some stuff that has happened in my history. There is some holes in my story and I know you aren't interested in hearing everything about what has happened over the years. I was just digging my old computer and found this old page wich I actually used alot of energy to build. So yeah new times new stories!

I will just briefly tell that after I quit with the United Flames I decided to pursue a mixing studio career. We started by doing music with rapper Vilzue in project called Edizon & Vilzue. We did alot of music together. I started taking some work on early 2017's to tune people vocals. I became pretty good at that work since I recorded pretty much something every day. From year 2018 I started really develope my skill and then one year later I was ready to put out my first full album of EDM music. Yeah you heard right. I completely switched my genre.

Fast forward to now. This year (2022) has been super crazy. I think I've managed to develope my skill to certain level in the studio that now I am really adding a ton of value in the industry. I've already got this year 4 deals from different labels:Mojohead Records for the song The Dog, Behaviour Recordings for the songs: Make Him Say, Terminator and Loveroom. Wowland Records for the song Love Lost (Old song name was Love Is Dying Here. It was one of the United Flames songs. I just made a modern take of that one. Then later I signed with one of my singer Melinda to SAKO-Studio for finnish song Siirry Seuraavaan. Most funny and ironic thing in the whole story is that every song that ended being offered a deal were songs with my guitar track. So I have to say with a proof that the guitar playing skill developing over 20 years didn't do any harm!

I won the title "Artist of the week" in Steve Marks DEMO Drop with the signed song Make Him Say. This was obv before I even finished the song since it's demo drop... Later this year I ended up also in JLSC (John Lennon Songwriting Contest) finals with the song Love Lost feat. LIKEBLUE. There the prizepool is over 300 000$. So yeah a crazy year. It felt as if everything happened simultaneously, although for a long time it seemed that nothing would happen.

Official JLSC Winner Certificate.

New idea with the site is to promote my own music and trough that inspire people. I'm also offering a mixing and mastering for your songs. Just send them to my email Edizonstudio@gmail.com as a 32-bit WAV files and I will give you an offer how much could it cost to do a top notch mix/master for your important song / track. It has alot of wiggleroom with the pricing since every project are so very different.

You can Also call me or send me message trough Whatsapp +358456135525. Ready and open for work! Alternatively you can send me message to IG: @Edizonstudio

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